• Experience :

    Since 1992, thanks to the experience gained in many industrial sectors on innovative projects, we have a large database of technical solutions. This capital is one of the values of the company. It allows us to expand the scope of possibilities and respond quickly to your requests with proven solutions.
  • Pragmatism :

    For us, approaching your request with pragmatism means above all to well collect fundamental information:

    • Understand your need and validate it with you.
    • Know your constraints: technical, financial, organizational, social, normative, etc.
    • Become immersed in the culture of your company, etc.

    Once this step has been completed, we are able to provide you with the most appropriate solution: no hammer hammer to crack the nuts, no gas plant, no wacky innovation but just the right one at the best value for money.

  • Solid foundations:

    By expanding over the years its range of services. By strengthening its potential from its core business, MECACONCEPT has solid foundations allowing it to tackle important industrial projects:

    • A workforce composed exclusively of engineers and senior technicians.
    • Design and calculation tools and industrial construction.
    • A large network of industry partners, local scientists and academics.


    1992 : creation in SARL, office of study in CAD for the automobile and the chemistry.
    1993-94 : integration of Proengeenier and CATIA software.
    1997 : ISO 9001 certification
    2000 : move to SAS
    2002 : start of the global offer, creation of the automation and electromechanical service
    2004 : software integration: ANSYS, SOLID WORKS, SOLID EDGES.
    2005 : development of activity in aeronautics and steel industry.
    2007 : development of the current assembly hall, investment 400K €.
    2008 : building our first robotic cell.
    2009 : joining MECALOIRE and VIAMECA.
    2010 : development of activity in the nuclear and pharmaceutical sectors. Export to the USA.
    2012 : Export to Asia : China and Malaysia
    2014-15 : commercial development in Morocco.
    2015-2016 : integration of Advance design software and purchase of a Faro arm, advanced measurement toolAugust
    2016 : opening of the subsidiary M.I.E. on the free zone of Tangiers (Morocco)

solid foundations


    Since always, there has been the desire to create an esprit de corps so that all go in the same direction, be in solidarity and involved in the group


    Certified ISO 9001 since 1997, our quality system controls the key stages of a project ...


    MECACONCEPT relies on the dynamism and the exceptional know-how of its territory of St Etienne and its Rhône Alpes-Auvergne region to mobilize local partners ...


    mechanical CAD tools: