Manufacturing, setting up, maintenance :

Located in the heart of the stephanois industrial area in the Rhône-Alpes region, we have at our disposal a very complete network of local partners who bring us an excellent skill and reactivity level

With them, we can do evertyhing (almost):
single parts, medium or big series, boiler sets, industrial components, subsets, etc
But also manage installation, maintenance, renovation sites, ensure special handling and interventions on site with authorizations (PR1CC nuclear).


  • general, precision, big dimensions machining, 3,4,5 axes HSM, tridimentional control
  • certified sheel metalwork, sheet metal factory, piping, structures, non-destructive controls
  • machining or sheet metalwork of technical metals : stainless steel, aluminium, nickel base, titanium, inconel, zirconium alloy
  • Large inventories of industrial components : mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical
  • qualification tests: vacuum, pressure and efforts resistance
  • Technical handling and lifting
  • on sites construction, start-up