A partner to perform and mark your difference:

Modernizing the productive apparatus of your company is a major strategic issue. Also, are you looking for a recognized partner to support you? Like many SMB or ETI industrials , leaders in their sector of activity, trust the know-how of MECACONCEPT teams to support your industrial transformation projects.

In 2018, MECACONCEPT is also referenced like " offering solutions for the industry of the future " < by the Alliance for the Industry of the Future and the CCIs of France.

Innovate, a state of mind but also a method!

Having an idea for the minute, an unbridled reflection, an overflowing imagination, that's good. Linking them to the real world through a reflection organized in a concrete framework with realistic objectives is better!

MECACONCEPT obtained in 2014 its "tax credit innovation " with his experience and his methodology of creativity. This is the guarantee that your industrial innovation or R & D projects will be conducted in a structured way with the best chances of success.

Our services:

  • Creating new products
  • Prototyping
  • Process Improvement
  • Modernization of Equipment
  • Value Analysis,
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 3D Mapping,
  • Experimental Equipment and R & D