calculation : FEA ( finite element analysis), structure, seismic

For your equipment durability, the safety and current regulations respect, our calculation department analyzes and optimizes mechanical and structural sets in the linear field.


  • Analysis of the parts or assemblies holding submited to simple or composed forces
  • evaluation of safety coefficient
  • Study of compliance with standards
  • research of deterioration and breakdown causes
  • strains determining
  • Optimization on shape, mass and material
  • characterization of vibratory behavior
  • calculation notes writing
  • study of handling or lifting means following FEM 1.001
  • dimensioning of metallic frameworks or structures
  • study of structures submited to seismic actions following Eurocode 3
  • Compliance study of tanks following eurocode, CODAP or En 13445
  • Dimensioning of critical mechanical components with ANSYS Workbench
  • 3D modelling and design under Advance Steel